GE Master Exec II Repeater

 6 Meters , 2 Meters & 440 MHz


custom front removed................................ repeater custom panel

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Micro Computer Concepts has manufactured and marketed repeater controllers for over 12 years. Now it is integrating its controllers with one of the best receiver/transmitters to form a ready to plug in repeater on your frequency, tuned and guaranteed. We want to make the repeater installation simple for the repeater owner; a plug and play system. You will need to add duplexer, antenna and 13.8 VDC power supply.

The receiver/transmitter unit is a
GE Master Executive II mobile converted for repeater use. The GE Master Exec II receiver employs a five cavity helical input filter to insure out of band rejection. It was developed to work in the harshest RF environments. Unlike other repeaters which have transmitter noise only 60 dB down, the Master Exec II's transmitter is one of the quietest and cleanest with noise over 85 dB down allowing the use of less expensive duplexers (4 cavities instead of the usual 6). It was engineered to be a high performance receiver/transmitter unit for use in locations with other nearby transmitters.

The repeater can be ordered with a variety of Micro Computer Concepts controllers from the very basic of key transmitter on receiver input, to controllers with autopatch, reverse patch, voice, remote base interface and more. The repeater can also be ordered for use with other controllers. A DB15S connector is provided and includes the signals necessary for use with an external controller.

A special panel has been added with volume and squelch controls, speaker jack, LED indicators for power, push-to-talk, carrier-operated squelch and CTCSS detect, accessory DB15 connector and power connections.

To provide clean natural sounding audio a custom audio board is installed which de-emphasizes the audio at the EIA spec of rolling off at 6 db per octave and a high pass filter for removing incoming CTCSS tones.


The GE Master Exec II sold by MCC is a derated repeater as follows:

6 meter and VHF (2 meters)

40 watt output is a 60 watt radio
60 watt output is a 110 watt radio

UHF repeater

30 watt output is a 40 watt radio
50 watt output is a 75 watt radio


Receiver Specifications

Sensitivity: 0.35 microvolts for 12 dB sinad
Selectivity: front end +/- 1 MHz, IF 12 kHz
Audio level and impedance: 8 Ohm speaker & 600 Ohm 1 V P-
Inter modulation: -80 dB
Squelch sensitivity: 0.2 microvolt open

Transmitter Specifications

Output power: 6 meters: 40 or 60 watts
2 meters: 40 or 60 watts
70 centimeters: 30 or 50 watts
Spurious & harmonic emission: 85 dBc minimum
Emission type: 16F3
Duty Cycle: continuous at rated output power
Maximum deviation: +/- 5 kHz (factory set)

General Specifications

Frequency stability: +/- 5 PPM at -5 to +55C (+23 to +131F)
Size: 13.5"w x 4.1"h x 12/1"d (low power) 16"d (high power)
Power requirements: 13.8 VDC @ 8 A low power & 16 amp high power.
Panel: Squelch & Volume, indicators for power, COS, tone & PTT, speaker out, receiver and transmitter antennas, phone line (with autopatch option, DB15S accessory connector & 6 ft red/black #10 gauge power cable.



6 meter repeater 40 watt.....$399.95 60 watt.....$499.95
2 meter repeater 40 watt.....$399.95 60 watt.....$499.95
UHF repeater 30 watt.....$399.95 50 watt.....$499.95

Prices do not include a controller or CTCSS tone board.

MCC offers controllers and if ordered with repeater the control can be installed inside the repeater and all audio is adjusted. The repeater can also be ordered for an external control where the repeater inputs & outputs are brought out to the DB-15S connector on the front panel.

If CTCSS tone is needed MCC will install TS-64DS dip switch tone set encoder/decoder.

MCC Controllers available for install in Exec II repeater

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RC-1000V w/ autopatch and voice ID.......$259.95

RC-1000 w/autopatch.....$199.95


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